Franziskus loves cooking!

Today's menu: delicious carrot soup spiced up by a Woody Shaw melody, grandma´s freshest coriander and a minimalistic flavour of Arvo Pärt. Rounded with traditional jazz pepper and a home made sound blend!

Slowly heated up by the broad and wooden sound of a string quartet, thickened by the energy of bluesy horns and brought to the boil by a burning brasilian rhythm section - served with a sweet and creamy voice on top!

Et voila! Bon appétit!

Simon Kintopp founded Franziskus in December 2015. Since then the ensemble strives to overcome musical limits to abolish the separation of through-composed, classical music and improvised, rhythmical jazz.

The music is a floating transition of styles: A composition of John Dowland melts with another one of Charles Mingus, Arvo Pärt is dancing on a waltz of Woody Shaw and the compositions and arrangements of Simon Kintopp are influenced by artists like Vince Mendoza, Avishai Cohen, Leo Tolstoj, Dimitrij Shostakowitsch, Kenny Wheeler, the surrealists - as well as by a cook like Jamie Oliver

Because Franziskus is a big cooking: The strings are far more then a decorative sound background, the bass is not just accompanying and the singer not always got the melody – in the compositions the instruments merge together to a equivalent collective.

Despite the size, the music of the ensemble stays transparent and it´s entertaining without loosing its high artistic standart. Melodic, acoustic and manual music – for an audience with aesthetical expectations and an ear for details.

Franziskus combines the subtle sincerity of classical music and the rooted exuberance of jazz.

After playing already a couple of concerts, f.e. at the „Jazzwerkstatt Graz Shortcuts Festival“ (November 2016), the „Ö1 / WDR3 Jazznacht“ (Dezember 2016), a „Spring Tour 2017“ with concerts in Vienna, Graz, Klagenfurt, Villach and Maribor (SLO) and at the „Jazzwerkstatt Graz Festival Vol.12“ (April 2018), the ensemble released its debut album  some sang a song on the 15th of October 2018 with the label Session Work Records (Vienna).

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